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Hupu News on October 12 Recently, Manchester United new aid Cavani accepted an interview on the team's official website.


"Peristri is a young player and I like the way he plays. He is a typical South American player with a coquettish style. He still has a lot to learn, even though he has worked very hard. A lot. He has already proved his strength in Penarol before. From the day he made his debut in Penarol, I have liked him as a player. He came to a club like Manchester United, There is no doubt that he wants to continue to learn to become a mature player and contribute to the team. The training at Manchester United will be a great experience for him, so I am very happy to be here. Meet him and start a new chapter in Manchester United together."


"In life, I am a very relaxed, casual and lazy person. On the court, I like to compete with opponents and strive to do my best, because I don’t like losing. I don’t like the feeling of failure. This is especially true on the court. I believe that a good player should be like this. I am a very hardworking person, in life and in the game. I always try to look at the problem from this perspective ."


"In life, the first thing I have to do is go for a walk with my family. I like nature, yes, I like fishing, and I like going to the country. Our family has dogs, and pets are good companions for humans, so I I like everything related to the countryside and wildlife. Whenever I rest, I try to stay away from the football environment and related occasions."

“生活中,我要做的第一件事就是与家人散步。我喜欢自然,是的,我喜欢钓鱼,而且我喜欢去乡下。我们的家庭有狗,宠物是人类的好伴侣。 ,所以我喜欢与乡村和野生动植物有关的一切。每当我休息时,我都会尽量远离足球环境和相关场合。”

"In fact, we are already looking for a house. We are looking for a place where we can go to the countryside and have enough space for us to spend time with our pets. So that we can enjoy our new life this night. Now, we live in a house provided by the club and need to survive the quarantine period. So now I am very positive and excited. I can’t wait to start training and prepare with the club."


"Yes, I think I just missed the time to communicate with my teammates before the season. I will integrate into the team in the shortest time possible and give my all to the team."


I really like the high-pressure style of playing, suppressing the opponent in their half. For me, this tactic depends on the configuration of my teammates, and everyone has to accept this concept. This is what I am willing to do, oppress the opponent, regain the ball, and launch a counterattack.


This is life. I think it may be an arrangement of fate. It is incredible. Things happen for a reason. In many cases, it is under unexpected circumstances. So, now I may be going to experience things I never imagined. It will be a great feeling and can leave me with good memories.


I really hope to see him again, Thiago is very professional in training and preparation. It will be difficult to play against him, because he is an excellent central defender, which will also be a very wonderful experience.


I think any player who is born competitive and wants to win honor. You always work hard to give yourself the best results. Based on good performance on the field, you can satisfy yourself. Then you can go to win trophies and get even greater honors. I am now one of the biggest clubs in the world, and its primary goal is to win the game and become the champion. Therefore, we must work hard. Like I said, we will work hard one after the other and eventually achieve our goal.


What I want to say is that I canyabo88亚博’t wait to play for Manchester United and I want to wear this jersey proudly on behalf of the club. There is no doubt that I will do my best in every game, so everything is developing very smoothly. I believe I can have an outstanding performance here.


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