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yabo88亚博:崔康熙:申花球员非常疲劳 全华班出战执行力不错
发布时间:2021-10-09 06:20:01

Netease Sports reported on September 26:


At 14:25 on September 26, the pre-match press conference between Shanghai Greenland Shenhua and Henan Jianye was held in Dalian. Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi said, "I hope they can play confidently and boldly tomorrow to help the team achieve a good result." Jianye coaching team leader


崔康熙:申花球员非常疲劳 全华班出战执行力不错

Yang Ji introduced before the game, "The league has reached the final round, and our goal is also very clear is to fully prepare for the second stage of the game. We do not hope that the situation of personnel irregularities will continue to the next stage. From the beginning of Evergrande, everyone is right. Our injury situation is not very clear. Including Ko Zhao and Gu Cao in the back defense, including Ivo, Dorado, Han Xuan and so on. We have not many players to choose from in this game, and we will definitely send some young players. The appearance, including Zhou Dingyang this morning, was also checked. The two foreign players and Wang Shangyuan will also look at the situation, and then consider their playing time. The young players still hope to show their abilities on the court with confidence."


Yang Ji said, "The most important thing for young players is to be confident and dare to play themselves, so that we can guide them. I like young players very much because they can quickly improve and adjust by giving them some information. For example, Niu Ziyi is playing Evergrande midfielder. I gave him some guidance when he was on the court, and he can see that he can make changes soon. These details are progress for them, and of course they have to dare to show themselves."


Yang Ji said, "From the first round, we will go all out to deal with each match according to the existing personnel arrangement, and will stick to it until the end. Our previous rounds of matches also conveyed this message, no matter who played, The players represent Jianye and may not be as capable as their opponents, but I believe the players will still go all out."

杨吉说:“从第一轮比赛开始,我们将按照现有人员安排全力以赴,坚持下去,一直坚持到最后。无论是谁打,我们以前的比赛都传达了这一信息。 ,这些球员代表了建业,可能没有对手强悍,但我相信这些球员仍然会全力以赴。”

Niu Ziyi said, "Thank the coach for giving young players such a good opportunity to exercise. At this stage, the team has some difficulties, including personnel and physical fitness. We will also improve our problems through training, give the team the greatest help, and be ourselves. Fighting opponents and dedicating wonderful games to the fans. The biggest gain during this time is the improvement of self-confidence. Although there were mistakes on the court, the coach and big brother gave me a lot of encouragement.


Cui Kangxi said before the game, "Tomorrow the team will usher in the last game of this stage. I hope the players can continue their previous hard work attitude to the end. The team can go to this day and rely on us. The players, I hope they can play confidently and boldly tomorrow to help the team achieve a good result."


Talking about the current state of the team, Cui Kangxi responded:


The team achieved a long-lost victory last game, but the team did not celebrate after the game. In this regard, Cui Kangxi explained: "The long-lost victory really makes everyone very happy, but after all we have not completed the set goals. The team needs to win tomorrow's game in order to say that the first phase of the goal has been completed. The players should have the same thoughts as me, so they exercised restraint. I also hope that the players can continue their good mentality and play well tomorrow."


Peng Xinli said: "Tomorrow is the last round of this stage, and it is also the most important game. We are physically and psychologically prepared and hope to win the game tomorrow." Talking about the previous game and Bi Jinhao's outstanding performance, Peng Xinli said frankly: "We used to play together when we were young, and we have a certain tacit understanding with each other. I hope that the good luck of the last game will continue to tomorrow's game."


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