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yabo88亚博|2001年小将职业首球   他是中国足球不能丢失的球员
名称:yabo88亚博|2001年小将职业首球 他是中国足球不能丢失的球员

"Many players in our team have made great progress this year. For example, Yi Xianlong has greatly improved his self-confidence and decisiveness. Of course, there are still many shortcomings, but he has never been afraid. Opponents, in the future Chinese football must not lose such players, absolutely not!"


In the "Weifang Cup" in the summer of 2019, we had an interview with Luneng U18 coach Paul Nunes (who had trained Portugal international Fonte) at the end of the game. After the interview, the Portuguese seemed to be a little bit interested and said a lot of their own perceptions about this team and about Chinese football. Perhaps Paul's comments are somewhat subjective, after all, the player's ability still has to be proved by performance on the court. At that time we were also thinking: When can we observe Yi Xianlong's performance on the higher-level professional league stage?


A year later, Yi Xianlong played in the first class, and he scored.


On the night of September 26, in the Chinese League, Jiangxi Liansheng lost 1-3 to Guizhou Hengfeng, which is obviously not good news for this team. However, it is gratifying that the performance of Yi Xianlong is good, Jiangxi Liansheng's foreign aid has been unable to return, and the play of Yi Xianlong undoubtedly brought no small help to the team.


The header was beaten, and soon Yi Xianlong made a quick second shot to score the ball. This was his first goal in the professional league, and it was also a Luneng youth player in the 2001 age group in the professional league. The first goal scored. In fact, Yixianlong had a long-distance attack in the first half. Unfortunately, the final shot was not handled properly. But compared to his first appearance, Yi Xianlong has made considerable progress.


Let time return to last year’s "Weifang Cup", the second round of the group stage, until the 94 minutes Luneng U18 still two goals behind Santos Laguna, this time Yi Xianlong stood up, Abdul Suli shot After being saved by the opponent's goalkeeper, he quickly inserted the empty goal and succeeded. After scoring, Yi Xianlong did not celebrate, because he firmly believed that the team still had time to equalize, but he still picked it up when he ran to the middle circle. The Luneng team badge on the chest is as always. Soon after this, Luneng got a set ball opportunity in the frontcourt. Abdul Suli stabbed the ball into the net in the melee in the penalty area. Luneng U18 miraculously equalized the score at the last moment.

让时间回到去年的小组赛第二轮“潍坊杯”,直到第94分钟,鲁能U18仍然落后桑托斯·拉古纳两个进球,这次易宪龙站起身,阿卜杜勒·苏利射门被对手的守门员救出后,他迅速插入了空目标并成功。得分后,易宪龙没有庆祝,因为他坚信球队还有时间进行扳平,但是当他跑到中圈时他仍然选择了。胸前的鲁能队徽章一如既往。此后不久,鲁能在前场获得了一次定球机会。阿卜杜勒·苏利(Abdul Suli)在禁区近身将球刺入球网。鲁能U18在最后一刻奇迹般地将比分扳平。

In an interview after the game, when Yi Xianlong walked towards us, he was still breathing heavily, the excitement of the game still remained in his eyes. Even if you don’t know anything about him, you must already understand him at this moment. He is a character player and a "relentless role" on the court.


"Just to fight with the other side and bring the score back. Our belief is very firm!"


Speaking of the game, Yi Xianlong said that when the team fell behind 0-2, he didn't have too much worry in his heart. All this was indeed proved in the game. Although the Mexicans are physically strong and defensively fierce, Luneng U18 team Several players with very good physical fitness fell short when fighting against them, but Yi Xianlong still tried to attack the opponent's defense again and again. Sure enough, the hard work finally got his own reward.


In fact, when he first came to Luneng Football School in his early years, Yi Xianlong was once delegated to the second echelon of the 2001 age group because of his poor performance. It was this experience that made him work harder. Has long become a habit of him.


But looking at the Luneng Youth Training in 2001, you can’t say that he is the one with absolute talent. But with unremitting efforts and good psychological quality, Yixianlong has always been able to gain a foothold in this age group. In the 1999 Luneng National Games and the "Weifang Cup" competition, Yixianlong also jumped to join the team, and the other two players in the 2001 age group who jumped to the 1999 age group, one was Tian Yuda, the other was It is Abdul Rousuli.

但是,纵观2001年的鲁能青年训练,您不能说他是绝对的人才。但是,通过不懈的努力和良好的心理素质,一线龙一直能够在这个年龄段中站稳脚跟。在1999年的鲁能全运会和“潍坊杯”比赛中,易宪龙也跳入了该队,另外两名2001年龄组的球员跳入了1999年龄组,一个是田玉达,另一个是阿卜杜勒·鲁苏里(Abdul Rousuli)。

Yixianlong has excellent speed and explosive power. The 2019 "Weifang Cup" competition is a good example. In the face of strong enemies in Europe and the United States, the speed and impact of Yixianlong are very good for the team. An important offensive method, and his extremely fast starting speed, even European and American players of the same age, are often difficult to defend easily. At the same time, Yi Xianlong also has very good mental attributes on the court. On the offensive end, he dares to break through every opponent, and will always do his best to fight to the death. On the defensive end, he will always strictly enforce the team. High pressure in the frontcourt and on-site counter-grab after losing the ball. More importantly, Yi Xianlong is a player with the ability to play against the wind. When the team is in a passive situation on the field, Yi Xianlong can still maintain his fighting spirit very well and drive the team's performance through personal play. One thing is very rare.

一线龙具有极好的速度和爆发力。 2019年“潍坊杯”比赛就是一个很好的例子。面对欧美强大的敌人,一线龙的速度和冲击对球队来说是非常好的。一种重要的进攻方法,而且他的起步速度极快,即使是同龄的欧美球员,也往往很难轻易防守。同时,易宪龙在场上也有很好的心理素质。在进攻端,他敢于突破每一个对手,并将始终竭尽全力与死亡战斗。在防守端,他将始终严格执行球队。丢球后前场的高压和现场的反扑。更重要的是,易宪龙是一位具有抗风能力的球员。当球队在战场上处于被动状态时,易宪龙仍然可以很好地保持自己的战斗精神,并通过个人比赛来提高球队的表现。一件事是非常罕见的。

In an interview last year, Yi Xianlong also admitted that his goal is to be selected for the Luneng first team before the age of twenty, but at this stage he still has too many shortcomings to make up for in order to achieve this goal. At this stage, he is working hard in Jiangxi. Liansheng played well this year in the Chinese Premier League, made his own contribution to the team and brought him faster progress. Perhaps this is what he needs to work hard to accomplish.


In this game against Guizhou Hengfeng, the failure to handle the single-handedly in the first half actually shows that he needs to improve his shooting handling. In addition, he also needs further improvement in the use of skills at his feet. At present, Yi Xianlong's offensive methods are mainly to get rid of the opponent's defense by starting at a high speed, but this trick is not tried repeatedly. In the finals of the U19B group of the Qing Super League last year, Shenhua's U19 defense was very successful against Yi Xianlong. To make further progress in the future, Yixianlong also needs to continue to work hard to enrich his own "arms arsenal" as much as possible.


In the winter training at the beginning of the year, I saw Yixianlong for the last time at the Jialize base in Kunming. Now that more than half a year has passed, the young man is no longer the young teenager of yesterday, and has gradually become a professional player. Calculating carefully, Luneng players in the 2001 age group are only a few months away from ending their youth training career. Perhaps at this time next year, we will also be happy and encouraged by the outstanding performance of more 2001 age players. .

在年初的冬季训练中,我最后一次在昆明的贾里兹基地见到了先贤龙。现在已经过去半年多了,这个年轻人已经不再是昨天的少年了,逐渐成为职业球员。经过仔细计算,鲁能在2001年年龄段的球员离结束他们的青年训练生涯只有几个月的路程。也许在明年的这个时候,更多的2001年年龄球员的出色表现也会使我们感到高兴和鼓舞。 。

Will it be like this? Let time test all this.


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